Azair is a social enterprise focused on changing the lives of communities that do not have access to the basic necessities of life : Water + Energy + Sanitation

  • We design, build and maintain infrastructure that provides the basic necessities for life
  • We provide effective and sustainable water + solar energy + eco-sanitation solutions to poverty stricken rural communities
  • We have been working with rural communities in Malaysia for more than 20 years
  • We operate in the toughest environments, such as the jungles of Borneo, where there are no roads, signs or even addresses
  • Our team is a 150 men and women strong and it is growing
  • We have installed over 1,000 water solutions, which provide ~4 million litres of water each day
  • Our solutions have helped over 100,000 villagers


Azair has and continues to make an impact in rural communities in order to transform the rural landscape by focusing on 3 fundamental principles:

Providing the Essentials

We design, fabricate and install independent water + energy + eco-sanitation solutions in remote locations. Our innovative solutions are reliable, sustainable, cost effective, environmentally responsible and of impeccable quality.

Making a Difference that Lasts

We build long-term relationships with the communities by maintaining the solutions we have installed to ensure its quality and reliability. We go beyond just a business and explore avenues to get involved with the community by lending a helping hand.

Continuous Improvement

Azair develops cutting edge technology through our in-house R&D to continuously improve our solutions in order to become more effective, efficient and user friendly. We are passionate to learn and look to partner with like-minded organisations to grow and generate a greater impact.