As of 31 Aug 2013, Azair has achieved the following :


  • Number of communities aided
  • Number of villagers that benefit from our systems
  • Litres of water supplied per day
  • Tons of CO2 offset
  • : 1,008
  • : 113,879
  • : 4,025,600
  • : 274


The following is some feedback we obtained from our stakeholders that are using our systems :

" I am very happy with Azair, I use the tubewell every day because there is no other source ... I use it (the water) for cooking, washing, laundry, toilet cleaning and the RO water for drinking. Now it is easy to take water and there is always enough for everyone. "

Alice Ak Lunyai, Lubok Antu, Sarawak

" The water is clean and fresh and always there ... "

Ann Sebastian, SK Wangkod, Sabah

" We are very thankful for the Azair water system because it was very hard to get water from rain harvesting during the drought season ... Now we operate the system (Azair) everyday all year round and the water is very clean, similar to RO bottled water from the shop. "

Rajannah Bt Salim, SK Muton, Sarawak